Carmel resident directs Madrigal shows


North Central High School sophomore Lucy Price has two main reasons for enjoying her first year as a member of the school’s King’s Court Singers.

“I love the songs we perform and the outfits we wear,” said Price, whose father, James, lives in Carmel. “We sing a song with just the girls that I really like. I like the Christmas music the best. My favorite song we are doing now is ‘Jingle Bells.’”

The singing group, which performs in Renaissance-era costumes, is directed by longtime Carmel resident Joyce Click.

The Madrigal Dinner is set for 6 p.m. Dec. 6 and the Madrigal Luncheon is at noon Dec. 7 at the Knights of Columbus, 2100 E. 71st St., Indianapolis. The choir, which is featured at the Carmel International Arts Festival as well as the Indiana Renaissance Faire, performs older choral music.

“We do a wide gamut of music,” said Click, who has been directing the show for 15 years. “There is a lot of humor because the Madrigal Dinners were done to entertain the king.”

Junior Sam Pyrz is in his second year with King’s Court.

“I like the community. It’s super-fun to be able to perform in front of a bunch of people and with a group of nice people as well,” said Pyrz, whose grandparents live in Carmel.

Click said there are 35 members in King’s Court. The Accents, the school’s travel all-female choir, will perform at the Madrigal Dinners as singing waitresses.

“I have some actors, kids that are in drama, are being the stewards,” Click said. “I have members of the orchestra and the handbell choir. More than 100 participate.”

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