Special education director disciplined


A statement from Noblesville Schools claims Supt. Beth Niedermeyer has taken formal disciplinary action with special education director Mark Booth after Booth shared an inappropriate meme, or an image which spreads rapidly on the Internet, online.

CIN COM 1126 Mark Booth

Booth shared a meme on Facebook which insulted President Donald Trump while referencing special needs. The Noblesville Schools statement called it a “disappointing attempt at humor.”

“The post was unacceptable and clearly exhibited a serious lack of judgment. Supt. Niedermeyer has personally addressed the situation with a formal disciplinary action and will also be closely monitoring activity going forward,” the statement read. “Noblesville Schools is wholeheartedly committed to creating and maintaining a culture of respect and inclusion for all students and staff, and has a long history of building strong relationships and inclusive opportunities for our students with special needs.”

Booth also released a statement to parents asking for forgiveness.

“I’m embarrassed by this lapse in my judgment, as this meme does not reflect my heart and life mission of respectfully and compassionately serving students with special needs. It also does not reflect personal content I typically share online, which is focused on inspirational quotes, my family and my deep faith in God,” Booth’s statement read. “I recognize that this incident may have eroded your confidence in me as a leader and I’m committed to working to earn back your trust.”

Booth’s statement claims he has advocated for students with disabilities for nearly 30 years, and he also has adopted a son with a disability.

“I ask that you judge me overall not on this regrettable incident, but on my many years of dedication to our students on behalf of the special education community,” his statement read.

Noblesville Schools confirmed Booth is still employed at the district. In his role, Booth is responsible for administrative and instructional planning, budgeting and professional development for all aspects of special education.