Enrollment higher than expected in Carmel schools 


Carmel Clay Schools could soon spend more money than planned to conclude 2019 after enrollment exceeded predictions the last two school years.

At its Nov. 11 meeting, the CCS Board of Trustees unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that would allow a Nov. 25 public hearing on the district’s request to appropriate an additional $3.5 million into the 2019 budget.

If approved, $2.7 million will be reallocated from elsewhere in the budget to the education fund and $800,000 to the referendum fund to cover costs associated with the increase in students.

CIC COM 1119 school board 2019 extra appropriations

Roger McMichael, associate superintendent of business affairs for CCS, explained the need for the appropriations at the meeting.

“The 2019 budget was built in the summer of 2018, and the board knows a lot of things have happened since then,” McMichael said. “Both our expenses have gone up because our enrollment went up a total of about 300 students from what we assumed back in the summer of ’18. That brought additional revenue and, of course, required additional staff as well. This increase is primarily in the area of staff as well as benefits.”

McMichael said district enrollment rose in the fall of 2018 by 100 students, followed by an increase of 200 students in 2019.

“Between (increased students and staff and associated expenses) and our salary increases – fortunately we’re higher than what we had budgeted for in 2018 – we’ll need some additional appropriation,” he said. “This has no impact on our financial position and certainly no impact on taxes. It’s just appropriating funds that we already have so we’ll be able to pay out the expenses between now and the end of the year.”

Citizens can speak for or against the appropriations at the Nov. 25 meeting during the public hearing. For more or to see an agenda, visit ccs.k12.in.us/board.