Letter: Explanation needed for frequent power outages 



As a resident in the Village of Mt. Carmel for 41 years, I feel well positioned to spot an ongoing pattern. Several times a year, and every year going back to 1978, we face power outages. These occur at all times of the day or night, last from a minute to seven-plus hours and often are not weather related.

These maddening disruptions typically are limited to the 600-plus homes in the Village of Mt. Carmel grid. I am always reminded of this as I sit stewing in the dark while my backyard neighbor in Springmill Crossing can be observed in his cozy, well-lit kitchen sipping coffee.

When I have called Duke Energy to seek a reason for the latest outage, the excuses range from squirrels eating wire insulation to vehicles taking out power poles to overheating transformers. When I pressed Duke a few years back to explain why it’s always the Village of Mt. Carmel neighborhood, they made a vague reference to issues with our aging grid. They said that upgrades were planned to lessen future outages.

As the most recent 50-minute outage on Nov. 12 reflects, with temps hovering at a frosty 11 degrees, it is clear that this problem continues. Before the next outage leads to frozen pipes, spoiled food or something more serious, does anyone have a suggestion as to what next steps can be taken to finally resolve this nagging concern?

Richard Place, Carmel