Column: Thanksgiving wine to wow


Commentary by Elizabeth Morse

So, the whole posse is gathering for Thanksgiving? Everyone likes something different? Here are some unique options that tend to be crowd-pleasers and are perfect for a special meal. None are particularly cost-effective, but hey, you’re worth it. All can be found at Tasteful Times on Olio Road.

Domaine Weinbach Gewurtztraminer, about $25, sounds German, but actually comes from the Alsace region of France. A very pretty white wine, it smells like spiced-fragrant tea (think Constant Comment) and roses. I’d say the wine is off-dry but has a bit of gingery heat to brighten it up. It is a great middle-of-the-road option for the white zin and chardonnay drinkers in your life. Or if you’re enjoying smoked salmon appetizers before dinner. Yum.

Drouhin Gevery-Chambertin (hails from a Grand Cru vineyard in France) is a pinot noir. A lovely choice with turkey and cranberries because of it fruitiness, it also possesses some of my favorite flavors in wine: nutmeg, leather and mushrooms. A complex wine with subtle tannins, it’s velvet in the mouth. With a little of what I call “French stinky” on the nose, you know you’re in for a treat. Around $60ish and worth it.

Finally, this guilty pleasure: Dolce by Nickel & Nickel. Full disclosure: If I go to dinner and this wine is offered, I always buy a glass for dessert. Always. It’s an expensive treat. This is a sweet dessert wine from Napa Valley, in the style of Sauternes. It is at once, filled with oranges, pears, apricots, vanilla and caramel. Maybe a little butterscotch? It is billed as “Liquid Gold” and is served chilled. In small amounts. The longer you keep it, the richer it becomes. A 350ml bottle, $90ish.