Harbour Properties buys KeyBank building, plans for office suites


Noblesville-based Harbour Properties has purchased the 20,000-square-foot building at 110 which previously held KeyBank. KeyBank moved out of the building in June.

Harbour Properties President Darren Ratcliffe said the company plans to turn the building into office suites. He said the location and the building façade inspired Harbour Properties to purchase the building.

“It’s a gorgeous building on the outside with the limestone. Inside, we are modernizing it,” said Ratcliffe, a Noblesville resident. “Obviously, the location is a huge factor. It’s a good-sized building in a great location. It’s a gorgeous building outside, and we are going to make it a gorgeous building inside.”

Ratcliffe said the company wasn’t targeting certain tenants, and he expects there to be a variety.

“A lot of (the building) is divided into offices, and there are a lot of open areas that could be subdivided into offices or cubicles,” Ratcliffe said. “We are going to be finishing off the flooring and walls and modernizing it – putting tile and lighting in and updating it. We may lease it to one large tenant, or it could be subdivided into three or four tenants.”

Ratcliffe said it’s possible the building could hold 25 to 30 individual tenants, but he doubts that’ll happen.

“My guess is it’ll have some attorneys and insurance people and consulting people,” he said.

Harbour Properties owns several other buildings in downtown Noblesville, including buildings at 50 N. Ninth St., 54 N. Ninth St., 920 Logan St., 940 Logan St. and 957 Logan St, which is the Logan Village Mall. The company also owns a half block of parking on the north side of the KeyBank building.

Ratcliffe expects the building won’t be ready for tenants until next spring.

“I think city is excited it was bought by a local company and not someone out of New York City or something like that,” Ratcliffe said. “It’s going to be a gorgeous, modern, downtown office suite everyone can be proud of. We are thinking of making the common areas in the hallways a tribute to Noblesville with legends of Noblesville and the history of Noblesville and things like that. We are super excited about it.”