Artist’s paintings selected for Hoosier Salon


By Chris Bavender

It’s always a thrill for Zionsville artist David Seward to learn his work has been selected for the Hoosier Salon. This year, two pieces, “Glimpse of Main” and “Victory’s Place,” are among the 154 works in the 95th Annual Exhibition.

ND SEWARD 1001 pic 1
David Seward displays his painting, “From Midtown,” which won Grand Prize at Carmel on Canvas. (Submitted photo)

“The Hoosier Salon has a wonderful history to it, and every year the annual exhibit is a big deal to all of the artists who compete in it,” Seward said. “It is always a great thrill to find out that I got into this exhibit because I have had years in the past when I haven’t gotten in. What makes it important to me is that this state has a large number of wonderful people who are terrific painters. I respect all of these artists who are in the show and even many who don’t get in.”

Seward’s love of art was encouraged by his father, Tom G. Seward, an art teacher at Edinburgh and North Central high schools.

“I grew up watching him paint and grading projects from school. I dabbled in his art supplies and played with watercolor, colored pencils and inks,” said Seward, an art teacher at Pike High School. “I thought every family in America had a back room with a big desk full of art supplies. Mom and dad never pushed it on me, and it was definitely something I have discovered and have had to work at.”

Seward paints in oils with Indiana landscapes featured in most of his work.

“Landscapes are places of beauty that are sometimes easy to see, and other times are discovered by the viewer, whether seen by an artist or non-artist,” Seward said. “I grew up painting watercolors and acrylics and worked with those mediums all though college, and it wasn’t until a graduate-level painting class that I started with oil, and I have never gone back.

“It is a wonderful medium for me. It allows me to make mistakes and is very forgiving to the painter.”

“Victory’s Place” depicts the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. “Glimpse of Main” is from a Zionsville side street looking down a sidewalk toward Main street.

“It is simple and an average scene, but I find it to be something of worth to sit down and come up with a composition,” Seward said.

Seward said his love of art influences his teaching.

“I would say that it helps going to work and doing work when you love and enjoy what you do,” he said. “I am passionate about painting and I love the creative nature of a high school classroom. Most students enjoy the time when they can be creative and make something and focus on something that uses the other side of their brain.”

The Hoosier Salon 95th Annual Exhibition is on display at the Indiana State Museum through Oct. 13. Viewing hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Admission, which includes entrance to the museum, is $17 for adults, $16 for seniors, $15 for college students and $12 for youth.