Lettr: Don’t beat a dead horse



In response to Wendy Wheeler’s Sept. 17 letter to the editor, I respect her opinion, but she is wrong.

One hundred and thirty (U.S.) Representatives want impeachment. More than half the country does not. The Democrats put Mueller in as special, incompetent prosecutor, who hired all Clinton supporters, not a very impartial group. It’s pretty obvious Trump was right and the Dems were wrong. It’s settled. Don’t beat a dead horse.

All the convictions (Wheeler) mentioned were not about collusion or corruption. America spent $40 million on this fiasco and is starting to spend another $40 million on fiasco Part 2. After watching the ( former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey) Lewandowski questioning, a joke, Congress is the laughing stock of our government.

Thank god we have a great president who is practical, not political. Wendy, you need to look at what is best for the country, not who you don’t like for whatever reason.

Richard Stoffel, Noblesville