Column: Luck of the design draw


Commentary by Randy Sorrell and Bill Bernard

Now that a well-known, well-liked professional quarterback has some time on his hands, rumor has it that his wife has asked him to use his extensive background in design and project planning to give their outdoor living space an upgrade. Odds are he’ll use some of the many tools we use to help our homeowners envision the various options available to them.

IO 0903 Randy Sorrell.jpg2
Example of a two-dimensional schematic design

At the outset of our design process conversation, we encourage our homeowners to search the internet for images that appeal to them. They then share the images with us using applications such as Houzz and Pinterest. With a fresh perspective, we review the images, identify common themes and begin to document design ideas by drawing various plan options.

Our two-dimensional concepts allow us to consider how to coordinate the various disciplines and elements involved in the project, such as gas lines, electrical, pavers, grill stations, countertops, pergolas and fire features, to name a few. With the ability to create 3-D renderings, our two-dimensional design concepts can come to life, allowing everyone to better visualize the aspects of the final project.

With any “Luck” at all, your hopes and our vision will make for a nice place to retire and enjoy the second half.

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