Blueprint for Improvement: A Masterful Bathroom Remodel in Fishers



This home was built in 1999 in the Fishers’ Sandstone Lakes neighborhood. The master bathroom included original finishes, plus a freestanding shower and standalone tub.



This bathroom is connected via an open doorway to the master bedroom. The homeowners wanted to create a sophisticated, spa-like retreat that would blend seamlessly into their master suite.


12269 Cobblestone Dr 1


  1. 12269 Cobblestone Dr 9The floorplan was redesigned to connect the bathtub and shower into a single “wet room,” which maximizes available space and gives a true spa-like experience.
  2. The double window over the tub was replaced with a sleek, single window that allows for privacy without the need for window coverings.
  3. The tile floor features a glazed porcelain finish with the illusion of textured fabric.
  4. The homeowners wanted a lot of drawer space, so the cabinets under the sinks were designed with drawers at the bottom to avoid interference with the plumbing. For the vanity, the countertop was lowered to make way for four small cosmetics drawers.

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