Letter: Christie running in wrong party



An Indianapolis lady (Democrat Jennifer Christie) has filed to run for Susan Brooks’ Fifth District seat with a single issue — “believing climate change could have a major impact on (her) children’s generation.” She is running in the wrong party!

She said she is a scientist. If she were, she would know that all creatures and plants are made of carbon and have thrived better in every CO2 upcycle. Ms. Christie reveals no knowledge of peer-reviewed research, nor that 31,000 American scientists  – 9,000 with doctorates – signed a letter stating, ‘increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects.”

There are many processes that (have) kept climate changing for 4 1/2 billion years. To name two of many: An 11-year solar cycle and a cold Atlantic phase that occurs every 20 to 30 years. It began three years ago!

I have never been connected to any group with financial interest in this subject. As a fellow Republican and Purdue Forestry graduate, I wish Jennifer well. She will relax if she studies peer-reviewed research. One good source is heartland.org.

I objectively study both sides of environmental issues. I could use 2,000 words here if Current allowed over 200.

Mic Mead, Westfield