Roundabout overhaul planned for Ind. 32 intersections


More roundabouts are planned for Noblesville after city officials announced a partnership with the Indiana Dept. of Transportation through 2023.

On July 16, city officials unveiled a $16 million plan to construct five new roundabout intersections along Ind. 32. They will be at Ind. 38, River Road, Mill Creek Road, Logan Street and Oakmont Drive/Whitcomb Place. In 2021, work will begin on the Ind.32/38 and Ind. 32/River Road roundabouts. In 2023, construction on the Mill Creek Road, Logan Street and Oakmont Drive/Whitcomb Place roundabouts will begin.

“One of the top objectives of our Noblesville NOW Capital Improvement Plan is to improve infrastructure and traffic flow throughout our community,” Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear said. “These five roundabouts on two heavily traveled state roads will greatly improve east-west connectivity and safety for tens of thousands of drivers every day.”

Discussions began last year between the Indianapolis Dept. of Transportation and the City of Noblesville, whose downtown is a crossroads for several state highways, including Ind. 32, Ind. 38 and Ind. 19, to modernize traffic signals. City officials said they proposed changing the plan to make the intersections into roundabouts.

Agreements were forged making the city responsible for the added cost of making the intersections roundabouts. Costs for the five roundabouts will be split, with INDOT covering approximately $9.5 million and Noblesville covering approximately $6.5 million of the total $16 million price tag.

“These projects are a wise investment for our community and public safety,” said councilman Chris Jensen, Noblesville mayor-elect and chair of the Noblesville Common Council’s Roads, Traffic and Engineering Committee. “The improvements will make it easier for local residents and visitors to get where they need to be, when they need to be there.”

Conceptual renderings of each roundabout can be viewed at