Column: Get dialed in


If you have ever experienced an interior remodel or created an outdoor living space, you will appreciate the concept of getting your new space “dialed in.” Of course, a newly remodeled bathroom is stylish and a freshly installed patio is very livable, but they can lack personality until final touches are employed.

Both featured projects speak clearly to the “dialed in” concept. Let’s explore!


Textiles make a dramatic impact outside. Think pillows, rugs, umbrellas and other soft goods. Of course, general color pallets are readily available at the big box retailers. If you care to add volumes of style, spend a few more dollars and consider Frontgate, visit Wayfair or ask the world’s expert on everything, Google, and discover more current fashion. We can often guide that selection process.


Perhaps the boldest statement for interior “dialing in” is art. A few curated pieces coordinated with drapes, pillows and soft goods will set the stage for success. Rely on an interior designer when you are able and watch your new space completely amaze yourself and guests. We have enjoyed partnering with Thomas & Jayne Interior Design here in the Indiana Design Center.


Is your existing space a little tired and could use a refresh? New patios, kitchen counters and bathroom vanities certainly makes a huge difference, or maybe it could be as simple as dialing in your space again!