Candlelight Theatre’s ’Night Watch’ features new twist


“Night Watch” is not only a new production for Candlelight Theatre but is presented in an entirely new format.

“We typically present one-acts plays and progressive plays using the entire mansion,” said Donna Wing, Candlelight Theatre founder and creative director. “For this full-length production, we are using one room, the back parlor, and will have a small, intimate house every performance. There is also the added food experience. The ticket price includes an alcoholic beverage and appetizer plate before the performance as well as coffee/tea and dessert at intermission.”

Wing, a Geist resident, portrays Elaine Wheeler in the thriller for six performances from July 12 to 21 at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, 1230 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis.

The play, written by Lucille Fletcher, focuses on Wheeler believing she looks out her window to sees the body of dead man through another window. Police are not able to discover anything.

Wing said the role has major challenges.

“First, I am performing in a salon, in a small space,” Wing said. “The audience sees me for almost the entire length of the play while sitting just a few feet from me. Second, Elaine displays a roller coaster of emotion. She is on the verge of a breakdown, sometimes high and agitated, sometimes low and depressed. Finally, I perform with eight other actors in a small space. We must be continually aware of where the others are, not only for the integrity of the play, but to make sure we are respectful of the Harrison artifacts.”

Wing said audiences will enjoy the unique ambiance of the event and the mystery story.

“The Harrison mansion is so perfect for mystery,” she said. “The richness of the surroundings, the historic element, the close proximity to the audience all add to an eerie atmosphere that is unparalleled. We have a small space in which to contain the energy of both the actors and audience members.”

Tickets are $44.95 to $49.95. For tickets, visit