Project Good: Dogs and owners spread joy to those in need 


Love on a Leash brings emotional support through pet visits to people in need of a little bit of sunshine. The North Central Indiana Chapter visits, among other places, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, universities, libraries and  hospices and conducts one-on-one visits. The chapter focuses on the counties north of Indianapolis, including Boone County.

Pets can have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. Researchers observe that all people need to touch and be touched in a caring way. Therapy dogs create an opportunity for that touch and showing that caring.

For those interested in participating with their dogs, the process of qualifying a pet as a therapy pet is different from being a service dog, for example, for a blind person. A therapy pet needs to be able to follow basic obedience commands like sit and come and be well-behaved around other pets. They can be any size, breed, color, shape, sex or age (older than 12 months). Primarily, the ideal therapy pet should enjoy being around people.

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