Letter: Let’s reduce urban sprawl



Full disclosure, I would love to spend less time in traffic, pay less in rent than I’m paying now and have a smaller apartment than I had to get given availability.

More single-family, low-density housing will increase your commute time even more since the farther you have to drive, the greater the distance you’ll need to cover on the same roads everyone else uses. 

And it increases the costs of housing, given a limited supply of land. The effects of housing laws favoring single-family housing have helped make housing prices and commutes dreadful in the Seattle area and already have here, too, on a relative basis.

Millennials, the largest segment of the U.S. population, tend to be burdened by student loan debts, which make housing down payments difficult. The second-largest segment of the U.S. population, baby boomers, tend to be downsizing now. Many of the employers in our area need to hire millennials in order to gain technical skills and survive in business.

Let’s help our businesses, the majority of our people, and your commute by allowing more apartments per unit of land with Sycamore Flats.

Ben Cook, Zionsville