Opinion: I’m OK — you’re OK


Was it my ego, laziness, or just a deceptive nature? I had resisted this action for several years, but it was finally time: I decided to update my Facebook picture. I also updated my bio pictures on the WISH-TV website. These were not photos of who Dick Wolfsie is; these were photos of who Dick Wolfsie was.

In one replaced photo, I was standing in front of Market Square Arena. In another, I was holding my dog, Barney (gone since 2004), and one of me with the late Mayor Bill Hudnut at an Indian’s game at Bush Stadium.

Updating my photos caused quite a stir in cyberspace. Classmates I had not heard from in years felt compelled to check with me, asking if I was well: “You looked great for 20 years on Facebook. Not anymore,” said my old buddy, Phil. “I hope it’s nothing serious.”

This from an old flame, Carol: “You were always so adorable. What happened? Do you still whistle all the time? Like, how annoying was that on a date? I’m assuming you also stopped shaking your leg. Are you still scatterbrained?”

I asked my wife if these memories of me were accurate.

“Yes, you still whistle constantly,” Mary Ellen said, “even in the morning when you are working. Other than a Disney dwarf, who does that?” And, yes, you also bounce your leg when you watch TV.”

“OK, but am I still spacey?”

“Let’s see. In the last monthyou found your cellphone in the neighbor’s garage — twice. You found your car keys in the cat food bag and  last night you found your appointment book in the wash.”

“Give me some credit. There was a time I couldn’t find anything.”

But back to the new Facebook photo. I got so many emails asking, “Are you OK?” that I have already changed it to a close-up of me outside the RCA Dome, where I look a lot younger. As you know, the RCA Dome grew old, so they decided to tear it down and start over.

I’m seriously considering that option for myself.