Creekside students recruited as photographers for district’s website


The Carmel Clay Schools’ redesigned website has created the opportunity for more photos.

Creekside Middle School’s yearbook photographers have been glad to do their share.

“I’ve liked taking pictures since I’ve had a phone or device to do it with,” eighth-grader Zach Mintz said. “Being in the yearbook class at Creekside has been a cool thing for me. We take pictures for our yearbook around the school. Ever since the district came out for a new launch for the website, I guess some of those pictures got put on our website and people around the district have told us they like our pictures.”

So, the students were asked if they also would want to take pictures of nearby elementary schools College Wood and West Clay.

Mintz, who said his favorite type of photography is landscapes, said taking athletic and performing arts photos is harder because the subjects move a lot. Mintz has been using fellow eighth-grader Arjun Gupta’s old Nikon camera since Gupta got a Sony camera for Christmas.

Gupta developed an affinity photography in sixth grade and became more enthusiastic about it while taking yearbook classes.

“I like candid shots with one person in it and them doing work,” Gupta said. “We’ve gone into classrooms and are taking a lot of photos. I went to a few (Creekside) basketball games and took photos. That’s fun.”

Creekside Principal Tim Phares said he got a phone call from an Illinois principal about daily scheduling.

“The first thing he commented on was how beautiful the pictures are on the website, and I told him it’s all kids,” Phares said. “It’s pretty impressive.”