Letter: Trump donation somewhat misleading 



In a recent issue of Current in Carmel, in a letter to the editor, a community member wanted recognition for Trump’s donation of his salary to charity. However, I found this donation to be somewhat misleading.

Before Trump became president, he had loads of money. He was one of the richest men in America. What was failed to be mentioned was the donation of millions of dollars during Obama’s presidency.

I’ll admit Melania’s staff is lower than that of Michelle Obama. Another thing that is correct was the media’s portrayal of Trump and its lack of showing decent things Trump does. What the media does show (although many times false) is an ounce of truth. An ounce of truth that fears a majority of Americans.

Sunny Hostin said it perfectly that if a man cannot stay loyal to his wife, how is he supposed to stay loyal to America? The fact that he spends time, as president of the United States, tweeting about “fake news” and Jimmy Fallon shows why the media does portray him as a villain. His portrayal is a showing of all the fear Americans have, and until we can be assured that our president cares about each and every one of us (regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.) and that he will fix our problems and gain the reassurance that we will be all right, that is when we will start showing recognition and support of President Trump.

Taylor Anderson, Carmel