Blueprint for Improvement: Family basement in West Carmel


Background Info: This early 2000s home in the Aberdeen neighborhood of West Carmel belongs to a young family. Overall, the home functioned perfectly for the family but lacked a recreational space for the homeowners and their children to workout, watch movies and entertain guests.


The original basement was only partially finished, so there was plenty of square footage that was not being used. The finished side of the basement lacked design elements that would make it a more comfortable and functional space for the entire family.


The goal was to better utilize all the space in the basement to create a comfortable area for the family to unwind and relax.

  1. The first major change came from finishing the entire basement and dividing it into several rooms – a living space, a bedroom, and a home gym.
  2. Additionally, new luxury vinyl tile flooring was added to the space. This is a prefect flooring option for any basement because of its durability.
  3. A wet bar was created in the living space, making it a great area to entertain and host guests.
  4. Also, a projector and projection screen were added in the living space, creating a comfortable home theater.
  5. A large barn door was added dividing the living space from the home gym, making both rooms feel more open while also adding a decorative element.