Letter: More than a handful of parents against changes to high-ability program



I am writing to you to refute the claim that there are only a handful of parents who are upset with Carmel Clay School system’s attempt to eliminate the high-ability program in favor of the total school group cluster model. In speaking with parents in the community, I have found this to be entirely not true. There are at least a handful that I know of personally and many more who are opposed to this change, as evidenced by group emails, community meetings and signed petitions.

The school district did not provide parents any warning that this was happening and did not give parents a chance to voice their concerns before introducing the new model. I have two children who have gone through the program and have benefitted greatly from it. While I am not opposed to having academic diversity in a classroom, I feel it would be a step backwards for my child (who will be in fifth grade this fall) in terms of what suits his learning style.

I also feel this is a huge disservice to the kids who are already enrolled in the high-ability program and will have this wonderful opportunity taken away from them. I also have a son who will be in 10th grade at Carmel High School this fall. He has been able to take honors classes throughout middle school and high school and has been very successful, mainly in part because of the rigorous high-ability program offered throughout elementary school.

This decision to eliminate such a successful program without offering an alternative takes away from what makes CCS a highly competitive and sought-after school system.

Sapna Joshi, Carmel