Opinion: Balancing act


It is always something. At least, so goes the aphorism. Each new day presents its own challenges. And, each improvement brings with it requisite unintended consequences. On the tightrope walk of life, balance is achievable only for an instant. Even as we find ourselves stable and in perfect and sublime equilibrium, our weight shifts and we strain to find a steady footing all over again. 

On the vernal and autumnal equinox, the urban legend goes, one can stand an egg on its end. It is true but not then alone. Alas, as much as we might imagine that the shifting balance of Earth’s gravity or the ideal cleaving of hours of dark and light to bring magic to the ovoid breakfast food, we, with a steady hand and sufficient patience, can stand an egg on end any day. As the chicken dutifully produced the shell, calcium deposits form unevenly, creating a granularity to the surface that leads to the phenomena. Undisturbed, it will stand on end, well, endlessly. 

So, why can’t we settle in, resting on our own life-long-accumulation of barnacles, to an uninterrupted run of balance? Don’t we deserve the chance to stand on end, escaping the otherwise prone nature of existence? But then, isn’t it always something? Either external or internal, we find it difficult to maintain our stance. We wobble, stumble and sway, returning again and again to the steady state of our natures, frustrated by our inability to hold on to flawless symmetry. 

Yet, we humans are very much animate. And while it may keep us in the constant pursuit of balance, it also enables us to adroitly dispense with shifting circumstance, prospective harm and disrupting environments. Should we simply embrace the truism that it is always something? Happily, it might be something good.