Carmel city council considers No-Knock list to deter commercial solicitors


The City of Carmel is considering the creation of a No-Knock List that would fine commercial solicitors who make uninvited visits to registered homes. The City Council discussed the proposal at its June 4 meeting.

Similar to the Do Not Call Registry, those interested in joining the proposed list would sign up for free with the Carmel Police Dept. and receive a No-Knock sticker to display on their door or a No Soliciting sign to place near their walkway. Solicitors would be required to check addresses against the list before going door-to-door and would pay a fine of $400 for each violation.

The restrictions apply to anyone attempting to make sales, whether they represent a nonprofit organization or for-profit business. Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard confirmed that it would apply to Girl Scouts selling cookies or people selling anything on behalf of a nonprofit.

“We see most of the youth organizations today aren’t selling door-to-door as much for safety reasons,” he said. “They are selling in front of grocery stores and other businesses that graciously allow them to do so.”

The list would not apply to political canvassing or religious visits.

Carmel City Attorney Ashley Ulbricht said recent changes in state law that say cities can’t differentiate between nonprofits and for-profits when it comes to soliciting led Carmel to update its ordinance.

The city council sent the proposal to the Finance, Utility and Rules Committee.