Blueprint for Improvement: West Carmel outdoor living space


Background Info: This home in the Woods of Williams Creek neighborhood in Carmel is still considered fairly new, having been built in the early 2000s. Although the interior was mostly up-to-date, the exterior was in need of some updates.


The materials used on the screened-in porch and deck were weathered. Because the space was large, it also was hard to maintain. The screened-in porch was being used more for storage than it was for outdoor living because it lacked space and appeal.


The goal was to give the homeowners an outdoor living space they could enjoy while also making it easier for them to maintain.

  1. The biggest transformation came from replacing all the wood decking with composite decking. Not only does composite decking look and feel like real wood, but the homeowners won’t have to worry about staining or painting their deck every few years.   
  2. Another beautiful addition to the deck is the lighting system that was incorporated into the composite.
  3. A stainless steel cable railing also was incorporated along the perimeter of the deck, not only enhancing safety but also creating a more modern design.
  4. The screened in porch was updated by adding a French door, flooring to match the decking and a higher ceiling, making the space appear larger.