ROI Search Group creates roles to offer flexibility for employees


By Maria Cook

ROI Search Group, a woman-owned executive recruiting and consulting firm near 96th Street and Keystone Parkway, recently announced it is adding part-time telecommuting positions for tenured human resource professionals.

Carmel resident Sharon Menachemi was the first employee hired for this newly created role. ROI is planning to add more employees from Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

ROI Search Group recruits for the health care and life sciences industries. ROI’s talent acquisition specialists work part time. Many are allowed to telecommute, which allows for flexibility in their work schedules.

CIF Business local 0725 ROI MugofMcCreery

According to founder and President Stacey McCreery, this modern approach to employment and ROI’s commitment to community values make it a unique place to work.

“We wanted to create a culture where people can work when and where they wanted to,” McCreery said. “I’ve had many employees tell me, ‘I could go back and substitute teach or something part time, but what I really want to do is what I love, which is recruiting.’ If an employee at ROI wants to be in the PTO or volunteer, their schedule here allows them to do that.”

McCreery said ROI employees’ flexible hours also work well for candidates whom ROI is trying to place in the health care and life sciences fields.

“Our candidates love it because they often have very traditional 8 to 5 schedules, so it’s great for them that they can meet our staff in the evening,” she said.

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