Opinion: What a headache


I occasionally experience migraine headaches, maybe one every few years. My last was actually in 2014. Since I’m not a regular sufferer, they tend to sneak up on me before I realize what’s happening, and usually at inopportune moments. Here’s what went down yesterday.

I’d just finished a triathlon in Muncie and was trying to figure out why I wasn’t enjoying the typical post-race euphoria. I was tired, sure, but I had no desire for a Big Mac (my usual self-congratulatory meal) nor was I excited to call Doo with the details (lost swimsuit, broken sunglasses, knocking over two bike racks). As I stood in line for a pizza slice (it was free!), I noticed my vison going wonky. I could still see, but there was a definite blind spot in my right eye. It cleared after maybe 10 minutes, and I headed for my car.

As soon as I hit I-69, a dull headache began along with a bit of nausea. By the time I got to the Anderson exit, I was desperately pressing a cold water bottle to my head while dry-heaving into a Meijer grocery bag. I pulled off the highway, parked at the Steak ‘n Shake and crawled into the back seat to wait out the pain. I neither turned off the car nor locked the doors, but luckily, no one seemed to notice or care that a seemingly unoccupied minivan sat running for an hour.

Once home, I spent the rest of the day on the couch, “recovering.” Not from the race, mind you, but from the migraine. At least I should be good for another few years!

Peace out.