Letter: Hire the best financial expert to manage county’s finances



Put yourself in the position of a business owner who is hiring a financial expert to manage the company’s assets. That’s the job description for each of the Hamilton County Council members in the four districts and three at-large.

Each person must collaborate with the county commissioners and the other council members for the good of the whole county. This “money manager” is responsible for budgeting all expenses and managing the county checkbook without going into overdraft. “Hire” someone who will make fiscally responsible decisions for every tax-funded department or project and who can manage the county payroll. The right candidate can make Hamilton County (your “company”) the best place in which to live and work, because it all comes down to the best use of your tax money.

Christine Pauley’s resume for District 4 stands out as the most appropriate for this job, compared to the other three candidates. She is the current Carmel clerk-treasurer—the top fiscal officer—and the executive director of the local public bond bank. Prior to that, Pauley’s financial experience was with the national defense industry–both for the U.S. Navy and Raytheon Corporation. She serves on the police and fire merit and pension boards.

She negotiates the capital leases for police and fire vehicle requirements, manages the reporting requirements for FEMA grants and handles the public safety officers’ payroll and pension programs. On top of all that, Pauley is ethical, analytical and thorough in her communication and decision-making. So that makes her a great team player and visionary for the success of the whole county.

Tina Mangos, Carmel