Westfield Police Dept. releases annual report, crime reports decrease


The Westfield Police Dept. released its annual report which showed Uniform Crime Reports at 572 for 2017, the lowest figure since 2010.

Among the lower UCRs  was a decrease in battery and theft but an increase in robberies. There were eight robberies during 2017 and only one in 2016. No homicides or rapes were reported in 2017.

“Our role in the community is to create a safe and secure environment and do it with professionalism, transparency and compassion,” Westfield Police Chief Joel Rush stated in a press release.  “The steps we are taking, such as assigning body-worn cameras to our patrol officers, consolidating our operating systems with other county agencies and emphasizing our community outreach are key ingredients to ensuring Westfield remains a safe community as we grow.”

To view the full report, visit westfield.in.gov/egov/documents/1521628229_95432.pdf.