Letter: Why I am running



People ask me why I am running. “Rick, haven’t you had enough?” is a common question. I will tell you why I am running. I love this county where my wife Susan and I raised our family. It is vibrant and full of talent and possibility, and I feel I have more to give. I have been an active member of the Hamilton County community for the 26 years we have lived here, whether on the community level or political. I have, I believe, unique qualities that separate me from the other candidates for Hamilton County Council District 4, and I think these make me the best qualified to represent this district and serve the citizens of the county.

I am the only one of the four candidates for this office that has served on a fiscal body, the Carmel City Council, where I served for 12 years. I know what the job is because I have done it and will be ready to hit the ground running on day one! I am the only one of the candidates that has experience running a small family business, so I know what it means to make a payroll and how to squeeze a buck for all it is worth. Finally, my 12-year track record, out there for all to see, demonstrates that I have the commitment to fighting for taxpayers and the strength of will to see the fight through.

Your vote on May 8 will not be to send a member of the establishment elite to the county council, but rather a representative who will fight for you. Give me your vote May 8 and I promise you won’t regret it!

Rick Sharp

Candidate, County Council District 4