Blueprint for Improvement: Zionsville kitchen expansion


Background info: This 1980s home in the Colony Woods neighborhood of Zionsville is a perfect space for the homeowners to raise their family. The original kitchen, however, made it tough for the busy family to entertain.


The previous kitchen was long and narrow, making it hard for multiple people to be in the space at once. Additionally, the bulkheads made the ceilings appear lower and the room feel smaller. The kitchen contained its original cabinets, which lacked appeal and functionality.


The goal was to create a large open concept kitchen that allowed the homeowners to entertain comfortably and increase overall functionality of the space.

  1.  The largest modification was removing the wall between the kitchen and the main hallway and utilizing the extra space to add a 10-foot island.
  2. Bulkheads were removed and all new ceiling height cabinetry was added to make the space appear larger.
  3. The new cabinetry is equipped with accessories, like charging ports and pantry pull-outs, for functional storage.
  4. Widening doorways and new flooring made the lower level feel like more of an open concept.
  5. New countertops, backsplash, hardware and plumbing fixtures finished off the modern kitchen design.
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