Blueprint for Improvement: Avon kitchen transformation


Background Info: This typical late-1990’s home in Avon was in need of an update both visually and functionally. The original kitchen lacked the efficient layout and overall design the homeowners desired.


The kitchen cabinets were original to the home, the finish and door style dated the space and lacked efficient storage solutions. The overall layout of the kitchen didn’t function well for the homeowners and lacked open countertop space. The pantry was large and lacked organization elements.


The overall goal was to create a more functional kitchen while giving the homeowners the updated traditional design they had always dreamed of.

  1. The biggest transformation was replacing all the existing cabinetry with new, two-toned cabinetry for a modern yet traditional look.
  2. Additional cabinetry and cabinet accessories were added to help create more efficient use of the space.
  3. The island was enlarged to create the space for a casual dining space and a microwave drawer.
  4. Another large transformation was relocating appliances to create a more functional flow throughout the kitchen. This also made the space appear much larger without actually enlarging the footprint of the room.