Noblesville artist captures the beauty of wildlife


By Mark Johnson

Noblesville’s Bruce Neckar doesn’t conider himself a wildlife artist. “It just happens,” he said. “There is no formula.”

Yet, Neckar’s Noblesville studio features a vast array of wildlife art.

Bruce Neckar in his studio. (Submitted photo)

“I love animals, birds, especially migratory birds, but I’ll only draw those here in Indiana,” he said.

Born and raised in Noblesville, Neckar has dedicated his life to the arts. A 1971 graduate of Ball State University, he said people are often surprised by his artistic background.

“It’s funny,” said Neckar, whose wife, Karen, also is an artist. “People don’t know that I was a classically trained artist. My mother was an art teacher. As a kid, I was spoiled. I always had art materials. I had always wanted to be a print-maker, but I found it to be too restrictive. I always loved drawing. I like to paint, also, but I like to use my hands a lot. I rarely use brushes.”

Although his main gallery is in Atlanta, Ga., Neckar’s commitment to the Noblesville area and its art community remains strong.

“We have a cadre of really good artists in the Noblesville community, like my very good friend

John Reynolds, who encourage each other in our endeavors,” Neckar said. “We have painters, printers, photographers who all exhibit together. There are so many local organizations here as well.

The Hoosier Salon Gallery in Carmel will have its 94th consecutive exhibition next year.”

Yet, Neckar also manages to devote time to the charitable organization,

Casting for Recovery, of which Neckar said he is most proud. Casting for Recovery features a fly fishing event that aids breast cancer survivors.

So, how does Neckar sum up his artistic success?

“I’ve been consistently lucky,” he said. “Perseverance makes the difference. Artists make sacrifices. They have to commit.”

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