The National Charity League’s Crossroads Chapter nears second anniversary, reflects community service


National Charity League Hamilton County members, back, from left, Tracy Kuper, Cheryl White, Sarah Stewart, Christina DePasquale, Kim Harvey, Rachel Loeffel, Melanie Clevenger and Jenny Howe. Front row, from left, Paige Kuper, Lexi White, Grace Stewart, Sofia DePasquale, Lauren Harvey, Carwyn Loeffel, Chloe Clevenger and Macy Howe. (Submitted photo)

By Noah Alatza

The National Charity League’s Crossroads Chapter was founded nearly two years ago. It is a national nonprofit of mother-and-daughter members with chapters across the U.S.

Daughters typically begin service in seventh grade and conclude it by their senior year of high school.

Westfield resident and NCL member Jessica Bell said this was the first year her daughter could participate. They have loved every minute of their time together.

“The main goal of this local (chapter) is to include all of Hamilton County,” Bell said. “With the proximity, the goal of any league is to better the community you live in.”

Although the NCL is open to all mothers and daughters in the county, Bell said the majority of members are from Westfield.

NCL volunteers work with local food banks, such as Westfield-based Open Doors and Gleaners. Besides donating food, keeping the environment clean is equally is also an NCL mission, according to Bell. The group regularly collects trash on the 10.7 miles of Midland Trace Trail in the county and reports how much they collect to city park officials.

“I love that my daughter and I are volunteering together side by side,” she said. “We are picking up all the trash and litter. I cannot tell you how many bags we pick up. It is a lot.”

The nonprofit strives to implement proper etiquette and serve as a beacon of cultural development.

“This is more of an opportunity to teach young girls what etiquette is,” Bell said. “This goes with the mission we are trying to develop, based on the foundation of manners.”

A yearly cultural focus also is a component in fostering development.

“Each class has a different cultural focus to grow with and expand horizons,” Bell said. “For example, seventh grade had dance, and they went to The Palladium to see how martial arts in China work. This exposure to new things for the girls is something we can never get back.”

Community service hours vary by grade level and increase with age. Bell said daughters are in charge of conducting meetings.

“What I’ve loved most about NCL has been the time I’ve gotten to spend with my daughter serving Westfield,” Bell said. “It has allowed us to give back to the community we love.”

NCL also provides Special Olympics assistance and helps with participating beneficiary 5K runs.

On Feb. 11, 2018, the chapter will host a celebratory tea at the Bridgewater Club, 3535 E 161st St. Mothers and daughters will be honored for their work and hours of service. The event is only open to NCL members. For more on becoming a member visit,