Local and international artist finds her ‘Point of Connection’


By Heather Collins

Rosaleen Crowley, a local and international artist, poet, educator and entrepreneur, celebrates the point of connection between her life in Ireland and her life in Carmel.

Rosaleen Crowley displays her book “Point of Connection.” (Photo by Paola Williams)

“At this stage, I have built two lives. One in Ireland and one here,” Crowley said.

Crowley has built her artistic career through connecting people on common ground and converging the arts of painting and poetry.

Crowley recently released her own book of poetry and paintings, “Point of Connection.” The book explores the cultures and landscapes of Carmel and Ireland and how they converge.

“It’s natural to want to belong,” Crowley said. “I think wherever you live, you seek out those things that are meaningful to you.”

Crowley said she sought the energetic, artistic community that blooms in Ireland when she landed in Carmel.

Crowley was born in Ireland and lived in England before moving to Carmel in 1990. She frequently travels between Ireland and Carmel.

“Point of Connection” explores Crowley’s Irish heritage and the parallels between life in Ireland and Carmel.

Crowley’s art imitates her work. In 1996, she founded Relocation and Cultural Training Services, LLC, to assist employees of international corporations with transitioning to the cultural environment of the Indianapolis area.

“It really is in connecting with people that I get my most joy,” Crowley said. “I really enjoy people telling me that I helped them settle.”

During her travels, Crowley has gained many prominent fans, including Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard.

“(Crowley) is a wonderful artist who has the ability to touch people’s hearts and souls through her unique combination of art and poetry inspired by her Irish heritage,” Brainard said.

Crowley’s painting, “Tranquility,” hangs in Carmel City Hall. She continues to connect artists in the community as co-founder of Carmel Creative Writers, Inc.,  a nonprofit community writing group. The club meets at the Hoosier Salon in the Carmel Arts & Design District every second Wednesday of each month. She also founded the Indiana Dramatic Arts and Communication Society, an annual festival and competition hosted by WFYI Public Media. The goal of the society, which was active for three years from 2009-2012, was to allow children, youth and adults to share their passion for poetry, drama and communication in a nurturing environment.

“(Crowley’s) willingness to inspire others to produce great works is what truly warms my heart,” Brainard said.

Crowley was recently appointed president elect of the Association of International Women in Indiana. The group’s mission is to facilitate social interaction, cultural understanding and offer support between women from the U.S. and other nations.

Crowley will host a private event, “Sharing Gratitude Making the World a Kinder Place – One Poem at a Time,” an enrichment program for retirement home residents, at Woodland Terrace of Carmel this month.

Crowley’s book “Point of Connection” is available for purchase at All Things Carmel, Barnes & Nobles in Carmel and Peace Water Winery.

‘Loving Where I am Planted – Carmel, Indiana’ 

By Rosaleen Crowley, Sept. 19, 2016

I am riveted by Carmel, from ordinary to extraordinary,

The designs are new and old, simple and complicated,

Observing from top of city centre, I tarry

To take in the farmers market

Spread fresh with produce, craft and taffy.

Festivals of art, stories and song

Together, bring about economic and community growth.

Blending cultures from Cork, Ireland to Hong Kong

The arts and design elements both

Combine to make our city strong.

The manicured landscapes of the roundabout leads

The way to color and symmetry of a suburban future,

I love the walkability of urban living, a choice of city or rural meets my needs.

The Monon with its active lifestyle cuts a path through nature

Where a large Great White Egret lands and feeds.

The Palladium and theatre location

Short distance from Main Street

Speaks to Mayor Brainard’s lofty vision

A man, who upon seeing you will meet and greet

With warm attention to your conversation.

Around the traditional well where water is drawn

You can see people interact with each other.

Life here is comfortable and through giving a helping hand

I cherish the opportunity to be myself and nurture

My talents, planted here in the city land.