Mentors assist new moms at O’Connor House


The O’Connor House in Carmel has launched a mentoring program that aims to provide vital information on a variety of life skills.

The nonprofit provides temporary living for single, homeless pregnant women seeking to better their life through faith. The mentoring program pairs residents with Christian women who teach them about topics such as prenatal care, parenting skills, life skills, building healthy relationships and how to rent an apartment and purchase a car.

“We want the volunteers to be Christian women who are actively practicing in their faith. This is going to be one of the foundational elements of the program,” said Vicki Yamasaki, T.E.A.M mentor director. “The mentor herself may have experienced single motherhood at some point in her life. It’s not a requirement, but it certainly would be a benefit because they would have a shared experience.”

Mentors meet weekly, one-on-one, with the residents for one year. They also attend monthly meetings with other mentors.

“We’ve developed a comprehensive training program we’re calling Mentor Training 101,” Yamasaki said. “One of the benefits of becoming a mentor is that they will receive quite a bit of training and ongoing support.”

Mentors work with residents to achieve three personal goals by the end of the year. There also is a $1,000 educational scholarship available at the end of the program. Residents must meet certain requirements. The program is modified based on each resident.

Interested volunteers can contact Yamasaki at 317-313-0255. For more, visit