West Park Hawk camera ready


Carmel resident Adam Seif has found an unlikely new friend. He frequently visits West Park to photograph nature as a hobby, and during a recent visit he found himself in the company of a red-tailed hawk.

“I’m walking through the park one day and I see this hawk fly slightly low to the ground over the pond,” Seif said. “It landed on top of a swing set in the play area. I walk over slowly getting closer to him. He is just letting me get closer and closer. After letting me take a few photos he flew to another spot.”

Seif now visits the park several times a week to photograph the hawk. The bird of prey will usually let him know when he’s had enough of the photos.

“He looks at me, lets me take photos and lets me slowly walk around him. If he feels like he’s had enough he’ll fly away and I let him do his thing,” Seif said. “It’s been pretty fun,  really. We have really good eye contact with each other.”

The nature lover finds time to visit his friend after work or on the weekends.

“Pretty much as soon as work is done, I’m on my way to the park. The best time to take the pictures is when the sun is slightly down a bit, so you can get some good color,” Seif said. “On the weekends I go out early in the morning.”

Seif wasn’t aware what type of hawk the bird was until he did some research through his Facebook group, Let’s Nature Together. For more,  visit m.facebook.com/groups/1540936579250897.