Northview Church buys books for entire prison population at Miami Correctional Facility


By Heather Collins

Northview Church wants to offer offenders a fresh look at how to change their lives  and draw closer to God by hand-delivering an inspiring message to all of the offenders at the Miami Correctional Facility in Bunker Hill, Ind.

The congregation purchased 3,000 copies of the book “Take Your Life back” to deliver to all of the offenders at the correctional facility. The donation was valued at $18,540.

The book, written by Stephen Arterburn, teaching pastor at Northview Church, and Dr. David Shoop, offers practical information to anyone struggling with unhealthy life patterns. Northview Church also turned the book into a weekend series.

The Miami Correctional Facility is one of six Northview Church campuses across central Indiana. Every Sunday, the church live-streams its worship service to each campus. The Miami Correctional Facility has an on-site Northview Church pastor and volunteer team that connects  with 140 offenders each week. The church launched its second prison campus at the New Castle Correctional Facility March 12.

“Northview’s mission is to connect people with God and connect people with people,” said Jason Pongrantz, multi-site campus director for Northview Church. “This mission comes from the two great commandments, which can be summarized as love God and love people.”

Northview Church volunteers, staff and state dignitaries, including Rob Carter, the commissioner of the Indiana Dept. of Correction, visited the facility to personally deliver the books and bags of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

Pongrantz said Northview Church wanted to help offenders feel they were part of the church family and help members feel they are part of what the church provides to the prison campuses.

“We were able to give a book with a personal handwritten note to each offender due to the generosity of our people and desire to make an impact in the community we serve,” Pongrantz said.

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