Police views of the Grand Park Events Center and a ride-along


Citizen’s Academy participants received a first-class tour of the Grand Park Events Center through the eyes of a police officer Sept. 7.

Lt. Mike Seagrave brought up a good point, one that many Westfield residents may not have previously considered.

“How do we (the Westfield Police Dept.) patrol, protect and respond to a facility this size?” he said.

Seagrave explained that many of the calls WPD gets regarding Grand Park are medical in nature or the occasional spat between players, parents or referees. An operations meeting is held every week for the GPEC, where Grand Park staff and a member of the WPD discuss upcoming events.

Grand Park does not have its own security company, so Westfield officers patrol the 400 acres when needed. Sometimes, during events such as Westfield Rocks the Fourth, Citizen’s Academy alumni assist officers with volunteer work.

Seagrave talked about what it was like to work with Secret Service regarding the Trump rally as well as discussed what police roles might look like next summer when the Indianapolis Colts conduct training camp in Westfield, which will attract thousands of fans.

That same night I also completed my ride-along, a four-hour stint spent with a WPD officer required for participants to graduate from Citizen’s Academy.  I rode with Officer Jeremy Meier on the night shift. Much of the work he did during my time regarded traffic stops, patrolling the area and one harassment call.

Westfield residents are able to ride along with officers to observe the type of work they do in the community, but a waiver must be completed. For more, contact the WPD at 317-804-3200.