Bethlehem United Methodist Church prays over road safety, construction


The Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Fishers embarked on a new initiative this summer called Prayer Peace Passing Project. It began in May as a direct response to the construction around the church on Olio Road.

The Bethlehem United Methodist Church launched a new initiative to pray over road safety. (Submitted photo)

“We got to thinking about how many people are in their cars every day, their safety, road rage and the safety of the construction workers,” Rev. Angela Gafford Asmus said. “We were trying to think about what we could do to add some positivity to the community.”

The 40 to 50-person congregation responded to the church’s request by signing up to pray every day.

“We told them to find a time that worked best for them. It was to be a prayer wherever you happened to be. They didn’t need to be at the church to do it,” Gafford Asmus said.

The congregation will continue the initiative, but with a minor change now that construction is almost complete.

“Our thought is to continue it and be mindful now that school is back in session,” Gafford Asmus said. “We’re right down the street from (Hamilton Southeastern High School). You have a ton of young people driving. We’re wanting to be mindful of those new drivers and younger drivers, to be praying for all ages not to text and drive.”

BUMC wants Fishers residents to know that even though you may not notice them during your daily commute, they notice you.

“We are a congregation that is actively and intentionally, every day, praying for the people surrounding us. We’re choosing to do that now,” Gafford Asmus said.

The church has a long history with Fishers. It was founded in a log barn north of its current location in 1844.

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