No timetable on 96th Street roundabouts


The City of Carmel and the City of Indianapolis have signed a tentative agreement that would allow roundabouts to be built along 96th Street. But any deal between both sides will have to be approved by city councils for both cities and there’s no timetable yet for when that might happen.

The dispute started when the City of Carmel announced plans to build roundabouts at Hazel Dell Parkway, Gray Road, Delegates Row and Randall Drive, but Indianapolis City County Councilor Christine Scales wouldn’t sign off on their construction because she said she opposes those projects.

Indianapolis filed a lawsuit in June, and on Aug. 10 Boone County Judge Matt Kincaid granted the preliminary injunction. The judge told the two cities to meet for mediation to resolve the matter.

The two cities reached an agreement with the following terms:

  • Carmel will repave a detour route south of 96th Street that will include River Crossing Blvd from 86th Street north to its intersection with River Road; River Road from River Crossing Blvd to Brandt Road; Brandt Road from River Road to 96th Street; and River Ridge Drive from Brandt Road to 96th Street.
  • Carmel can move forward with the proposed right of way acquisition at Delegates Row, Gray Road and Hazel Dell Parkway.
  • If the River Ridge Drive leg of the Gray Road roundabout falls below a certain efficiency standard during peak rush hours, then Carmel will pay to install a metering signal for traffic during those peak periods.
  • Carmel will install and maintain sidewalks on the south side of 96th Street from Priority Way West Drive to just east of River Ridge Drive to tie into an existing sidewalk past Old National Bank.

Scales said she doesn’t agree with the terms of the compromise but it will be up to the entire council to vote.

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said he’s prevented from commenting on the matter because it is considered ongoing legal action.

Some on the Carmel City Council said that they would likely not vote on the agreement until after Indianapolis does so first.