Letter: Hotel should also be removed from bond package



Now that the city council has listened to the vox populi about the expensive boondoggle of an antique carousel, it is time to turn our attention to the plan for the City of Carmel to fund the building of a small luxury hotel.

When I had my master bedroom on Airbnb to rent out for a couple of weekends a year, one of the reasons the city came after me with threats of hauling me into court was that I was going to be unfair competition to the hotels already in Carmel. The Renaissance, Hilton Garden Inn, Drury Plaza, etc., were going to be seriously damaged if someone went to my little house in the woods for a night or two instead of staying in their big, fancy houses.

Now, the mayor is promoting spending city money (which is, of course, my money) to lure a boutique hotel to Carmel and to help pay for its operation because such a hotel, while a jewel and the feather in any city’s cap, is not likely to be financially successful on the open market.  That is, those other hotels, which had to be protected from the threat my master bedroom posed, are not really good enough for our mayor, and he wants to open up some competition on our dime.

Wait a minute, whatever happened to the mantra of the planning commission: “Let the market choose?”  Are we to live in a capitalistic system, or are we moving toward a government-managed economy?

This extravagant, pretty-but-unpromising project should be excised from the $101 million bond issue.

Alison Brown, Carmel