Opinion: Goodbye, summer


Commentary by Danielle Wilson

Oh. My. God. I’m down to my last four days of summer vacation and I’m starting to panic. Where did the time go? What happened to my grand plans for binge-watching “ONB,” “Master of None,” “West World” and “House of Cards?” What about my goal to return to school with at least the hint of a tan? Why are there still four home-improvement projects sitting in my garage, including a half-painted bead board and a discarded trellis I picked up curbside? Where did my acclaimed time-management skills disappear to these last few months? Are they hiding with my skin’s supposed supply of melanin?

I know for those of you who work year-round or have young kids at home, June and July are just two more months to sweat through, but for teachers, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that these long days are much-needed for rest, rejuvenation and rediscovery of sanity. And when we have to turn the calendar page to August, it’s like mourning the end of “Breaking Bad.” We’re privileged to have been a part, and know there will be other shows that are just as good, but we’ll spend a solid week moping about in a world without Jesse Pinkman.

That being said, my summer has been good, filled with travel, family and sleep. And despite my subpar performance at meeting my proposed Netflix quota, Doo and I did manage to catch up on “Turn,” finish “Bloodline” and get deliciously back into “Game of Thrones.” Perhaps that’s why the thought of school starting is skyrocketing my BP. Great summer breaks are that much harder to see end.

Peace out.