Boone County to provide free Narcan training, doses


By Mark Ambrogi

Cindy Murphy understands no one wants to think about witnessing a drug overdose.

But Murphy, a registered nurse and an administrator for the Boone County Health Dept., said that type of training might save a life.

“It’s like CPR, no one wants to have to use it,” Murphy said. “When you have that training, that’s what you revert back to. With a situation like that when our adrenaline is high, you go to your level of training.”

Murphy said the county is one of several departments for which the Indiana State Dept. of Health provided Narcan doses for individuals who might be able to prevent an overdose. Narcan Nasal Spray reverses overdoes caused by opiates such as Lortab, OxyContin or heroin.

There will be free instructional sessions on how to administer Narcan from 6 to 7 p.m. April 24 and 10 to 11 a.m. May 8 at the Boone County Office building, 116 W. Washington St.,  Lebanon.

“We’ll be able to provide training for all persons witnessing an overdose,” Murphy said. “We’re not targeting any one person or population except for people who think they are at risk for witnessing an overdose. It could be a passerby, it could be in a restroom, a convenience  store or a park. If persons want to have the training and the dose of Narcan so they can attempt to save a life, that’s what we want to try to facilitate.”

Murphy said there is a short video and presentation.

“We are not just training on the use on Narcan, but we’re training on recognizing an overdose,” Murphy said. “We discuss how to respond, calling 911 and getting EMS en route. If you give the dose, you stay with the person until officials arrive.”

Murphy, who will be assisted  by another public health nurse, said they will do a medical demonstration of the product itself.

“The persons in attendance will then demonstrate to us,” Murphy said. “We can provide them with a wallet card and a certificate that they’ve received the training.”

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