Zionsville Meals on Wheels seeks help to continue operations


Volunteers Craig and Sharon Blattner deliver food for Zionsville Meals on Wheels. (Submitted photo)

By Renee Larr

Zionsville Meals on Wheels co-program director Judi Covington is looking to hire replacements for her position and the position of scheduler.

“Our scheduler, Nancy Piercy, has been doing her volunteer job with Zionsville Meals on Wheels for seven years. She said she was about ready to retire from the position,” Covington said. “We decided if she was leaving we would leave as well. We decided we’d find a whole new team to run this thing.”

The duties for the scheduler position include preparing and communicating a monthly schedule for the volunteers who deliver meals and maintaining a list of substitute drivers. Typically, the positions require four to six hours per month of the volunteer’s time.

“We’re looking for people who are willing to give some time to this. It’s not very time-consuming, but you do have to be dependable. You have to keep up with it on a daily basis,” Covington said.

The position of program director ensures the program is working effectively, such as enrolling new meal recipients and confirming that all recipients are receiving a nutritious meal Monday through Friday. The director also oversee the food supplier and delivery scheduler. It typically requires six to eight hours a month.

Ideally, Covington would like to have the positions filled by the end of May. Currently, Zionsville Meals on Wheels serves six residents.

“Zionsville Meals on Wheels is almost like a subsidiary of the Lebanon Meals on Wheels. We started in 1978. Four of our participants are in their 90s living at home,” Covington said. “The best part of this is not that we’re delivering a meal but that we’re checking on these people five days a week.”

If the positions cannot be filled, Zionsville Meals on Wheels will have to cease operations.

“A lot of these people want to stay in their home, and we help facilitate that by checking on them,” Covington said. “If (we) can’t find anyone, we would have to close down, and I don’t want that to happen.”

To apply for an open position, email ZMOW2017@gmail.com.