Where’s Amy stops by CSO luncheon


Commentary by Amy Pauszek

Where’s Amy stopped by the Carmel Symphony Orchestra League’s luncheon at the Ritz Charles. The CSO league mission is to support educational programs and the elegant fundraiser will help benefit the Young Artist Competition and sponsorship of the annual CSO Family Fun Concert. Special guests included CSO President and CEO Dr. Alan Davis, CSO League President Sue Britton, 2016 Young Artist Competition winner Gabe Bruner and 2015 Young Artist Competition winner Lydia Rhea who both performed for for the guests. Hats off to CSO League Chairs of the luncheon Shirley Calhoun, Mary Eckhard, Barbara Crawford and all of the dedicated CSO members and volunteers who help put together phenomenal gift baskets that were raffled off to help raise money. Be sure to catch the next Carmel Symphony Orchestra Showcase on Oct. 14 at the Palladium and Where’s Amy hopes to see you there.