Hamilton County Arts Association, Unique combine for fundraiser


By Mark Ambrogi

Nicole Tredup had an idea of bringing together two organizations that she supports.

Unique is an organization that supports families with rare chromosomal disorders.

ND 0411 Unique event preview
Nicole Tredup, left, became involved with Unique because of her daughter Skyler’s chromosomal disorder. (Submitted photo)

“My daughter is 4 years old and she is special needs. She has a very rare chromosomal abnormality,” said Tredup, a Fishers resident. “Unique has helped my family tremendously with research and putting us in touch with other families who are afflicted with my daughter’s disease.”

Tredup, a landscape photographer, is the membership chair for the Hamilton County Arts Association. So she suggested dual fundraisers for the organizations.

“It was met with overwhelming approval,” Tredup said.

HCAA and Unique will hold a month-long “We Are All Unique” exhibit in June in the HCAA’s The Birdie Gallery, 195 South 5th St., Noblesville.  The HCAA artists will be exhibiting work that makes their representations of what is unique. There will be an exhibit block party and opening reception from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 17.

Tredup said there will be a silent auction and face painting.

“I want it to be a fun event where we can bring the arts community and special needs community together,” Tredup said.

Tredup said 50 percent of the proceeds will go to the HCAA and 50 percent to Unique.

“We don’t have to pay to be a part of (Unique),” Tredup said. “They gather research on several rare diseases and disorders. It’s surprising how many chromosomal disorders that we know nothing about. We are learning so much more from the testing that is available. The testing Skylar had to discover she had her disorder is just over 10 years old. We’re learning more about chromosomal disorders, the more science has improved to do the correct testing.”

Tredup said Unique sends the information to the families.

“More importantly, they put us in touch with other families, and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” said Tredup, whose daughter’s chromosomal disorder is called 17p13.3 microdeletion.

The families are able to share information.

“The big thing about our kiddos is they have small stature and (are) developmentally delayed,” Tredup said.

To donate to the Unique fundraiser, visit squareup.com/market/hcaa/item/donate-to-unique.