Westfield resident uses security experience to launch consulting agency


By Anna Skinner

Tom Coyle calls his family a group of public servants.

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His daughter is an analyst with the FBI and his son serves in the U.S. Marines. Coyle himself served 10 years as a national security consultant with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He also served as a counterintelligence advisor on the National Insider Threat Task Force in Washington, D.C., where he focused on the human factor. He also served as an NCIS Special Agent.

Coyle has used his experience to create Talon Security Solutions, a firm that aids small-to-medium companies with security options by focusing on mitigating data breach.

To combat data disclosures, Coyle must focus on both the technical factor and the human factor.

“My market share is small and mid-sized companies who make things that include sensitive, intellectual property, algorithms and patents,” Coyle said. “That’s my target audience, and the reason they’re the target audience is because Rolls-Royce, Cummins, Diesel and the like already have robust security departments.”

Coyle gave the example of recently traveling to Florida to aid a portable energy company.

“I examine policy and procedures and HR (human resources), how they hire people, how they fire people, if it’s equitable, does it make sense and is it fair to the employer and employee, what security regulations are in place, if any, or if they have a security culture,” Coyle said. “This company in central Florida, they didn’t have any. I provided them with a security audit and reviewed policies and procedures.”

Coyle’s consulting agency launched in January 2015, and he is actively working to spread the word of what he provides companies.

“I am seeking the ideal way to grow my business,” he said. “I do also assist companies in keeping their competitive edge. You can’t keep your competitive edge if you don’t lock your front door at night.”

Coyle operates his business out of his Westfield/Carmel home. For more, visit talonsecuritysolutionsllc.com.