Police, firefighters rescue four on White River in Noblesville 


Four people are safe after their canoe overturned in the White River at approximately 5:20 p.m. April 9 in Noblesville.

The incident occurred just north of the Field Drive bridge.

Officers from the Noblesville and Westfield Police Dept. arrived on the scene a short time later. Sgt. Brad Purvis (NPD) and Officer Josh Harrell (WPD) were the first officers on scene. Officers said they quickly learned that a total of four passengers were aboard the canoe and two had already pulled themselves to safety.

After finding the two remaining individuals still in the water and clinging to a tree branch, Purvis and Harrell entered the water and were able to rescue one of the victims. Purvis and Harrell then assisted the last victim by pulling her to a safer position on the tree but were unable to remove her from the water.

Several Noblesville Fire Dept. personnel arrived on the scene and assisted in the rescue of the final victim. According to a press release from NPD, NFD firefighter Todd Watson entered the water with the officers and was instrumental in the rescue of the last remaining victim.

All four individuals were transported to Riverview Health in Noblesville and were released a short time later.