Letter: Schools unable to control spending 



Why are there meetings with architects?
They are salespeople for the proposed spending, they are not objective bystanders.

The (Westfield Washington) School Board and administration need to demonstrate where this HUGE project cost came from; why it is needed in one referendum; explain the obvious contradiction between planning to build for the future priorities of five-10 years from now, yet mortgage the future with 20-30 years of bond payments.

Westfield is NOT the population size or wealth of Carmel or Fishers; our home prices are the ONLY ones NOT increasing in the county and the school officials need to understand the taxpayer is NOT an unlimited ATM!

All school districts requesting a referendum are required to follow a notification process to the County Council; Westfield is the only school system NOT to do this for the May 2 vote.

I am a concerned Westfield resident and voter who is offended and insulted the school system is unable or unwilling to control its spending.

Rick McKinney,


Hamilton County Council Member, At-Large