Spring street sweeping begins


CIN COM 0411 street sweeping

The Noblesville Street Dept. has begun street sweeping throughout the city.

Using two sweepers, the street department will start in Old Town before moving away from the downtown area into the subdivisions.

The entire process could take up to two months to reach every street and neighborhood.

Street Commissioner Patty Johnson said the spring sweep will take place in throughout the month and in May and another sweep will occur in July and August.

“In addition to having clean roadways, street sweeping improves air standards and storm water quality for the citizens of Noblesville because it picks up nutrients and sediments from street surfaces before they can be washed off in storm water runoff,” Johnson stated in a press release. “These operations are vital to our total city structure.”

By removing leaves and other debris that collect in the gutters, sweeping prevents localized flooding during heavy rains. Sweeping also removes metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. If left on the roadway, waste products could be harmful to fish and other wildlife once they reach creeks and rivers.

“Residents are asked to assist in the cleaning effort by removing any loose limbs found on roadways and by keeping bagged leaves on their property. Because of the damage they cause the equipment, sweepers go around limbs on streets and do not return once passed,” Johnson said. “Also, if (residents) have the option to park (their) vehicle off the street, that would assist us.”

When severe weather conditions exist, the city says street sweeping may be postponed if it is deemed not beneficial to the public. This cycle also will not interfere with Downtown Noblesville being swept at least once each week.